The Future of Skills Testing

RideAlong is an innovative service application that captures driving exam data from start to finish and creates custom records for applicants, testing units, and agencies.  

The Challenge

It is time for drive test administration to enter the 21st Century. Modern licensing entities want assurance that their trust in drive educators is well placed. Drive educators must be thorough to meet that need, but want to do this efficiently. Customers want a faster, more convenient way to get on the road.

RideAlong was created to meet that challenge.   

Driver education and licensing play an important role in keeping our communities safe. Drive test examiners must possess keen observational skills and situational awareness to conduct skills tests. They are also expected to provide extensive documentation of their work. Administering drive exams is a multi-step process: scheduling, identity and vehicle verification, payment, results entry, certification.  

Testing administrators must trust that their examiners vigorously comply with each of the various steps in the process, follow the proscribed route and conduct the test appropriately. Supervised drive tests and observation should provide subjective data, but most current protocols do not provide a complete assessment of an examiner’s performance.

The lack of an electronic means of transmitting test results leads to the creation of time-consuming paper processes and extended customer service interactions for drive educators, issuing agencies, and the customer.


Teaching new drivers carries risks and liability. Collisions happen. Ensuring the vehicle is safe and legal is vital to positive outcomes. Having an accurate record of driver, vehicle, and insurance coverage is essential when the worst happens.

Even so, examiners sometimes fail to check, document, and record important information.


Juggling ID's and permits. Verifying insurance. Equipment checks. Accepting payment. Scheduling. Introductions and summations. Certifying results. Transmitting those results. Maintaining the test records. Driver skill testing requires a lot of important steps. If you're doing it right, it's going to take some time.


Driver testing is difficult to supervise. Even when problems are identified and addressed, it can be difficult to verify that they have been remedied. The oversight challenge has been a problem that impedes the industry’s growth.

How it works 

RideAlong makes drive test administration a transparent step-by-step process. The application records driver, vehicle and payment data. We also have PayPal integration to take payments through the application. Once initiated, RideAlong tracks location via GPS throughout the drive test and provides a Google Maps image of the route traveled. RideAlong ensures all data collection requirements are met and creates a digital record of each test. Upon completion all parties receive a custom email at the push of a button.






Testing Unit 


Our Solution 




As the skills required in driving become more and more complex, the need for strong systems to instruct, evaluate, and monitor drivers becomes even more essential. RideAlong works in conjunction with drive schools, test providers, and jurisdictions to deliver highly transparent, mobile and digital test administration. By improving test delivery methodology users can improve testing capacity and flexibility. This improvement in customer service delivery means more driver safety training can be delivered and leaves instructors and examiners free to focus on what's most important, driver safety.


RideAlong uses the latest Android software and a Microsoft Azure based platform and servers to relay your information. Our configurable application ensures that all requirements are met through seamless integration and optimized performance. With PayPal integration the entire transaction can take place in-app. 


RideAlong is scalable and adaptable to any size organization or governmental agency. Our product is robust, our commitment to quality unwavering and our results consistently delivered.


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